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Rhode Island Certified Nursing Assistant Salary Details

Certified nursing assistants in Rhode Island get paid around $13.52 an hour or $28,120 annually. There are approximately 8,060 certified nursing assistant employment opportunities available at this time in the state.

Directly below is the complete wage break down of Rhode Island Cnas:

  • The leading 10% of certified nursing assistants in Rhode Island earn $17.93 an hour or $37,300 per year
  • The top 25% of Rhode Island CNA’s receive $15.49 hourly or $32,220 each year
  • The median 50% of Rhode Island Cnas make $13.17 hourly or $27,390 per annum
  • The lowest 25% of Rhode Island certified nursing assistants generate $11.23 an hour or $23,360 annually
  • The lowest 10% of Rhode Island CNA’s earn $10.13 hourly or $21,070 per year

There are a variety of issues that determine the CNA salary. These factors include locale, job type, level of experience and much more.

Most of the facts for Rhode Island CNA income derives from the united states Bureau of Labor Statistics.