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CNA Job Duties & Responsibilities

The typical CNA more often than not starts in a hospital or a medical clinic.

As the demand for in home nursing help is growing as the countries baby boomer population becomes older, this option is getting more and more prolific for anyone looking for into a career as a certified nursing assistant.

Being a CNA requires one to be understanding, patient and the ability to take on situations that most people would find challenging. A CNA must be sympathetic in that fact that the patient is going through a challenge of their own.

Being the front line for the doctors and nurse that are overseeing the patient, understanding the needs of the patient are important just as the communication with the doctors and nurses. These are just a few of the jobs that a CNA in required to complete daily.

  • Taking vital signs
  • Helping with basic medical procedures
  • Help assist patients in and out of their beds
  • Help them walk
  • Maintain their room
  • Help with patient baths or showers
  • Helping them eat or drink
  • Being there for them if they need to simply talk.

Be proactive with the doctor or nursing staff  in a timely and professional manner. This is important as this can make the team more effective and help provide the proper care to the patient. This career is very demanding in team work as well.

Team work is only as effective as the team itself is honest and being able to work together. Knowing what the doctor or nurse expects is beneficial to the health of the patient.

The profession of a CNA is rewarding and provides the patient and patients family a  great deal of comfort during the stay at a hospital or even in the setting of in home assistants.