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Idaho Certified Nursing Assistant Salary Details

Certified nursing aides or assistants in Idaho receive around $10.77 per hour or $22,390 yearly. There are approximately 7,540 certified nursing assistant jobs available at the moment in the state.

Directly below is the full compensation break down of Idaho Cnas:

  • The leading 10% of CNA’s in Idaho earn $14.12 per hour or $29,360 annually
  • The leading 25% of Idaho CNA’s make $12.32 per hour or $25,620 a year
  • The median 50% of Idaho nursing aides earn $10.52 an hour or $21,890 a year
  • The bottom 25% of Idaho cnas earn $9.06 per hour or $18,850 yearly
  • The bottom 10% of Idaho certified nursing assistants bring in $8.11 per hour or $16,870 per year

There are a number of variables that establish the income rate of a CNA. These things consist of locale, job type, level of experience plus much more.

All of the data for Idaho certified nursing assistant earnings originates from the united states Bureau of Labor Statistics.