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CNA Certification Programs

The requirements to become a certified CNA depend on the State in which one resides.

Understanding the requirements is important if you are planning to move during or after your training. Making sure the certification transfers from State to State can save one a lot of time and frustration.

The time frame to become certified can take from several weeks to several months depending on the location and the type of course one is taking.

Two years with an associates degree for those seeking an advanced degree.

Passing the competency test requires taking no less than 75 hours of approved training. More than likely this will be completed during the classes taken and even by on the job training.

The State in which one is certified in will view you as a “CNA” once one has completed the required training and passing the competency exam. You will be registered with that State accordingly and be listed on the certified nursing assistant registry.

Many States may have the requirement that additional training may need to be taken to become a certified nursing assistant.

Contacting the State board directly for information on what additional course that might be taken is strongly  advised.