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Alaska Certified Nursing Assistant Salary Details

CNAs in Alaska earn an average of $16.45 an hour or $34,210 a year. There are about 1,880 Cna jobs available right now in the state.

Listed below is the complete wage summary of Alaska Cnas:

  • The leading 10% of CNAs in Alaska earn $20.99 per hour or $43,670 on a yearly basis
  • The top 25% of Alaska CNA’s receive $18.50 hourly or $38,470 each year
  • The median 50% of Alaska nursing assistants make $16.40 hourly or $34,100 a year
  • The bottom 25% of Alaska cnas earn $14.52 hourly or $30,200 annually
  • The bottom 10% of Alaska CNAs generate $12.12 per hour or $25,210 a year

Several issues that determine the certified nursing assistant salary. These factors include locale, job type, experience level and a lot more.

Most of the data for Alaska nursing assistant income comes from the USA Bureau of Labor Statistics.